24 Swan Street saved from development.

The home of a popular dance school used by many Overton residents has been saved from redevelopment as the building has been given back to the community.

24 Swan Street in Kingsclere was set to be sold by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, with a view of it being turned into residential flats.

However, it has now been decided that the building will be offered to Kingsclere Performing Arts and Youth Centre under a 25-year lease at a discounted annual rent of £31,550, which will be rent-free for the first six months.

Speaking at the cabinet meeting, Cllr Kerry Morrow, who worked behind the project, thanked the officers who ‘put together the lease in words in a short space of time’”’.

He said, “It’s an incredibly grand and historic building. It is now going to continue to be available to all the residents in Kingsclere and surrounding areas.”

Council co-leader Gavin James added, “If you don’t have facilities in your local area, people would drive to the nearest town to get those facilities. We think 24 Swan Street provides beyond just support for local businesses, but also a whole lot more.”

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