Voting opens in the 2024 General Election.

Residents of North West Hampshire are heading to the polls today in the 2024 General Election. With polling stations open from 7am to 10pm, voters will cast their votes to elect a new Member of Parliament (MP) who will represent their constituency in the House of Commons.

Voters are reminded that they need to take photographic identification with them when they go to the polling station.

The contenders in North West Hampshire include the incumbent Conservative MP, Kit Malthouse, Labour’s Andy Fitchet, and Liberal Democrat candidate, Luigi Gregori. Also standing are Phil Heath (Hampshire Independents), Andy Meacham (Reform) and Hina West (Green). Each candidate has focused on a range of critical local and national issues throughout their campaigns.

Once the polls close at 10:00 PM, the ballots will be collected and transported to counting centres. The results are expected to be announced in the early hours of the following morning, providing a clear picture of who will represent North West Hampshire in Parliament.

As the nation watches, the outcome in North West Hampshire will contribute to the overall composition of the next UK government. Voters, candidates, and political analysts alike eagerly await the results, which will shape the future direction of the constituency and the country.

Overton Radio will provide continual coverage from 10pm this evening with a live programme presented by Jonathan Charles. Rob Francis will be on the air from 6am on Friday morning to continue the coverage as results continue to come in.

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