Vandalism across the village.

A weekend of destruction has seen property damaged by vandals intent on causing havoc in the village.

On Saturday, a teenager was spotted throwing a bin into the river at Flashetts. Thanks to the work of local resident Mike Newton, the bin was restored to its normal location, however bags of dog poo were seen floating away.

Yesterday, the bench at the Edward Kersley Playing Field on Red Lion Lane was damaged once again, with a tree being carved up in the process. Resident Matt Josey spent some time clearing the destruction from the field so that it was safe for others to use.

There have also been reports of flower beds being destroyed on Battens Avenue.

The damaged bench at the Edward Kersley Playing Field. Photo: Alison Peters

There have also been reports of intimidation by dirt-bike racers, including the use of extremely offensive language, as well as the smoking of cannabis at the Edward Kersley field.

Our loal police officer Ross Holdsworth has been informed about the campaign of intimidation, destruction, vandalism, anti social behaviour and violence which seems to have been launched in Overton. He has advised that ALL instances of any of these concerns must be reported. If police are unaware then they can’t respond appropriately. This could be via doing door stops, stop and search, increased presence etc. they cover other areas and so we need to SHOUT LOUDLY as a community!

For details on how to report a crime, please click here. To contact Ross Holdsworth, send an email.

If the village takes a community approach to zero tolerance and reporting via the official channels initially to create a response, perhaps this can be overseen and escalated if the response is inadequate to keep our village safe.

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