Test Valley Men’s Shed at risk of closure.

The Test Valley Men’s Shed based in Laverstoke is at risk of closure.

The building they occupy in Laverstoke Lane is owned by De La Rue and managed by Laverstoke and Freefolk Parish Council, but a problem with the underground pipes connecting the building with the main sewer network means they currently do not have sewage drainage and they need to use a chemical toilet which the parish council can no longer fund.

Eviction would mean closure of the club. This would be both a huge personal disappointment for the shed’s members and a significant loss for the community. The club helps to keep older members of our community active and healthy, lowering the likelihood of imposing greater costs on local authority social and health services.

The men’s shed currently help a number of local organisation and individuals by doing jobs – large and small – which are carried out for free, or at cost-price only. The Men’s Shed has used its own funds – as well as the time, expertise and labour of members – to improve the shed. It would be a so disappointing for this work to be lost.

There are potential solutions at a range of cost points, from wholesale sewage pipe repairs, to installing very small portable facilities for those members who cannot walk to alternative toilets nearby.

The men’s shed is asking the parish council to consider their solutions and do everything it can to support the club and the wellbeing of our members. There will be a meeting of the parish council on Tuesday 6th February at 7.30pm at Lady Rose Hall in Laverstoke Lane, where this will be up for discussion.

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