STICKLAND PLUMBING: Avoid Burst Pipes This Winter

Winter is on its way and the recent temperature drop means now really is the time to make sure your home plumbing is ready for the freeze.

Plumbing is really susceptible to freezing in the winter months and if the forecasters are to be believed, it’s going to be a cold winter, plus the recent increases in heating bills means taking some steps can assure you efficiently stay warm in these cold months.

Overton Radio caught up with the owner of the village’s local plumber ‘Stickland Plumbing and Heating’, Luke Stickland to get some advice ahead of those cold days.

As well as inside, external pipes which are very vulnerable to the elements, so it’s important to protect your pipework from freezing and bursting to prevent any damage to your property.

If left unprotected, your pipework is vulnerable to a number of winter plumbing problems:

Burst pipes – pipes are susceptible to freezing, which causes pipes to expand and then burst. This causes water damage and affects your water supply too.

Risk of leaks – even small amounts of water in your pipes can freeze easily, this can cause hairline cracks or loosen valves, which then leads to leaks.

Risk of boiler issues – the increased demand for heating in winter puts added pressure on your boiler and they can break down leaving you without any heating

Although Stickland Plumbing and Heating can be on 24/7 call out, they’d much rather you avoided having to call them in the first place!

Protecting your plumbing and preventing these issues is easier than you think. Following these 4 simple steps will help prevent plumbing issues or prevent damage in the event of a burst pipe

Stickland Plumbing and Heating have been operating in and around Overton for 6 years and they are always available to help with any winter plumbing issues you may have.

As well as any of the problems we mentioned above, they are also able to assist with a wide array of other plumbing and heating issues that you may have From a dripping tap to a burst pipe, Overton’s local plumber is on hand 24/7 across the Overton, Whitchurch and Deane area to keep your plumbing in tip top condition

CALL: 07919 917009



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Stickland Plumbing and Heating: Winter Pipes Feature

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