Almost £4,000 of equipment stolen from Berrydown Sports Centre

Almost £4,000 of gardening equipment has been stolen from the Overton Recreation Centre at Berrydown in Overton.

The theft happened on Monday (20th November 2023) evening around 11:00pm.

Venue owners were later told that the sound akin to an angle grinder was heard in the vicinity that evening.

Overton Radio was told equipment that tends to the grounds such as rotary mowers, heavy duty strimmers and hedge cutters was stolen.

This will be the second time in five years that containers at the Ken Hogan Pavilion at Berrydown has been targeted.

Venue owners say they have serial numbers of all items that were stolen. Police have been informed.

If you are offered any gardening equipment that matches the equipment listed above, or have any information about the theft on Monday evening, please contact Police on 101.

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