Punk and Rock night at St Mary’s with BEEF

Tickets are on sale now for a punk-rock music event in Overton later this month.

‘Overton Cranked-Up’ will feature four local bands at St Mary’s Hall on Saturday 30th March.  Local favourites ‘The Fortunate Ones’ will be performing alongside ‘White Noise Machine’, ‘The Details’ from QMC and new local act and event organisers BEEF.

BEEF is made up of vocalist and bassist George from Andover, guitarist Matti from Overton and drummer Tom from Basingstoke.  They will be playing their own songs at St Mary’s and pub-goers can sample their music tonight at The Red Lion.  BEEF will be giving a tease of what to expect at Overton Cranked-up tonight from 9:00pm.

George tells Overton Radio, “Matti and I have been good friends for a while and have always wanted to be in band together.

“I knew Tom from our time at QMC and a couple of years ago we all started jamming with another mutual friend of ours. However, mutual friend eventually moved away and the three of us were left to our own devices.

Not knowing what to do next, George says, “We went in a punk direction. I wrote “Forklift Certified” and we jammed it once, then BEEF was born!”

BEEF have been playing regularly at Overton Jam Night, with George and Matti having been playing there for years, they have become good friends with members of popular Overton Band ‘The Fortunate Ones’.

Following the release of their debut single ‘Dave’, the band say they are ‘looking to spread the BEEF influence all over Hampshire and beyond’.  You can find BEEF on Spotify, their latest EP being ‘Live, Laugh, Commit Tax Fraud’.  Or watch them live at The Red Lion in Overton tonight (Friday 8th March 2024) from 9:00pm.

The aim of Overton Cranked Up is to promote local Overton and Basingstoke talent with small bands that’s deserve a chance to be seen.  So far the event has gained support from Longdog Brewery, who will be providing the bar.

George adds, “We’re aiming for an ‘O2 Academy vibe’ and just to create more of a scene in our local town, giving everyone more of a chance to perform.

“This is the first time we’ve done something like this so loads of local support is needed and highly appreciated.”

Tickets for the event at St Mary’s are from £5 each and are available from The Party Booth in Overton or online here.

NOTE: Children under 16 at ‘Overton Cranked-Up’ must be accompanied by an adult.

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