Overton’s Travel News – driven by local passion

Today Overton Radio welcomes its newest advertiser, Drive Point Vehicle Logistics.

The local company which arranges the delivery of vehicles of any size across the UK has signed-up as Overton Radio’s travel news sponsor.

Company owner Nick Battersby, although new to the village, says there’s a great sense of community in Overton. “Our sponsorship of the travel news is just one bit of our way to help the village prosper.

“I get a really strong sense of community here in Overton and really want to do what I can to help promote what’s so wonderful about the village and the radio station is a great way to do this.”

Today, Overton’s ‘Eyewitness Travel News’ is grateful to listeners who informed the station of the road closure at Waltham Road. It also reminded listeners of the now on-going B3400 closure and expected train delays over the coming days.

Local businesses are encouraged to look at the advertising packages on this website and consider marketing their business with Overton Radio. Funds will go to the continued operation of the business and its various events and promotions, such as the Thanks A Million local business campaign.

Nick Battersby adds, “Supporting high street businesses such as the local butcher, pub and hairdresser is so important to retaining a strong local economy, particularly as so many high streets are failing. Let’s not let that happen to Overton.”

Listeners to Overton Radio are asked to contact the radio station of local traffic issues, so it can share the information with it’s listeners.

Overton Radio today also announced it had an encouraging 12% audience reach for its first week in the village.

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