Business Association members meeting tonight

Members of the Overton Business Association (OBA) are invited to a members meeting tonight at Pueblo on the high street.

The event starts at 7:30pm and the committee will host an EGM to sign-off their revised accounts. A ‘Bingo and Chilli’ fundraising event on 7th October 2023 for next year’s Sheepfair will be discussed, as well as an update on the organisation’s plans for the future.

OBA chair Lucy Sloane Williams says, “The OBA is here to support you but we need regular input from our members to steer us in the right direction.

“We are keen to update you on our Planning for the Future event held in April 2022 and look forward to your feedback and hear of any other changes you would like implemented”.

Bona fide local businesses can join the Overton Business Association for £48 per year by clicking here.

The organisation’s accounts can be seen online by clicking here.

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