No Wheelbarrow Race for 2024?

The organisers of the Overton Wheelbarrow Race have said that the popular village event may not take place this year.

Gary Savory has stated in a post on the Family Members of Overton Facebook group that the event could be taking a break for 2024. However, there will be events taking place at the ORC on the 19th and 20th July as part of the Sheepfair weekend.

He said “Need to take a year off to review matters. Look out for events on the Fri and Sat evening at ORC”.

However, there is a possibility that the event can still be run. Borough Councillor Colin Phillimore has said “Overton Wheelbarrow Race will run if we can recruit enough volunteers to safely steward the important traffic issues on the route. Anyone interested in assisting us should get in touch with me in the first instance. I will keep people updated as to what’s happening.”

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